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Monday, 28 January 2008 02:02

Western Adventures Upcoming Specials!!!
We are not charging for any of our adventures at this time!!!

Please Note:

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We have added many additional U.S. adventures since Mexico is "On Hold". For information on these adventures contact the Office. These are "Free" and no charge for the adventures. You are responsible for your own expenses for the adventures (food, fuel, lodging, permit fees and all related expenses). We do have a deposit fee of $100.oo to hold a spot for your vehicle, this is returned when you go on the adventure. If you do not show-up you forfeit the deposit!

Fee for Mexico:
The Mexican Government has imposed a fee of approximately $22.00 per person charge for visitors to Baja Sur. This went into effect in the Summer of 1999. This is not included in the cost of the Adventures. Mainland Mexico you will need in addition to the Visa, a temporary vehicle import permit, when getting the visa. We can get the papers when we cross into Baja Sur and mainland Mexico. The payment has to be paid and stamped.

Return of some or our old favorite adventures!!!

The Adventures are going “Free*-
The times are tough for everyone. Because if the tough times I have decided to make changes to the guide service part of the business. It is now just the “Explorers Club”!

Our 4X4 adventures are now “FREE*” to go on. We do ask that you make a reservation to go on the adventures. We need to limit the number to a comfortable size for a enjoyable experience for everyone. That requires a commitment! Experience has taught me that if there is no consequence for not following through with your commitment many people will not follow through. This may remove a person who wanted to attend and got squeezed out. This also holds up the group as we wait for them and they do not show up. For that reason I require a deposit of $100.oo. You will get that back when you attend the adventure. The deposit will be kept if you do not show, “No excuses”! You are free to tip or donate to the cost of the Web-site expenses. In a effort to keep the cost down, I will stop using the credit cards for the “Free Adventures”.

* - “FREE* No Guide Service Fees! You will have to pay all of your own expenses such as; food, fuel, repairs, land use fees, lodging and camping fees. Any and all expenses outside of Guide Services.

General information!

Food - You will need to have a lunch, snacks and water each day.

* Camping - You will have to be self contained and camping along the trail. This may be a campground or open (undeveloped land) depending on the adventure.

* Lodging - You (at your own expense) may stay in lodging and no camping is required. This will depend on the adventure. This is for 4-wheeling adventures that will return to a central location to start each days adventure.

The adventures are designed to meet certain requirements; Scenic, 4-wheel drive required to visit remote locations.

Adventure descriptions -
I have brought back some old favorites. These were dropped as I moved more trips south of the border.

Anza Borrego / Coyote Canyon - 1 Day
We will cover the lower section of this historic trail.  In Anza Borrego Desert Rated 3 ½

Big Bears Jamboree - 2 days - *Camping, Lodging or RV  Rated 3 ½  You will travel in the cool pines over scenic trails with awesome views. Camp site fee if camping, National Forest “Adventure Pass” required.

Borrego Badlands Bash
- 2 days - *Camping
This is some of the most beautiful, desolate deserts on earth. We will cover natural bubbling mud pots, mud caves, unusual rock formations, and an historic route of travel.

Bradshaw Trail / Graham Pass - 2 day *Camping
This is west of the Colorado River and East of the Salton Sea. Gen. George Patton’s historic training area from WWII. Camping along the trail. Rated  2 ½

Death Valley / Funeral Mts. - 4 days *Camping & National Park fees required.    Old ghost towns, historic mining districts, Ubehebe Crater, Scotties Castle, old Indian writings, springs, and the millions of years of Mother Nature carving out the ands. Rated 3

Death Valley / Stripped Butte / Goler Wash - 4 days Camping & National Park fees required. The history of the mining camps and the people's struggle to survive in such a hostile climate is all around us as we travel in the footsteps of the miners. We will see the beautiful desert with all of its geological history exposed through millions of years of time. Rated 3

Death Valley / Panamint Mts. / Saline Valley - 4 days Camping & National Park fees required. Camping Hot springs, salt tram Cerro Gordo Mines and desert splendor. Rated 3

Mojave Road - 3 days - *Camping
The old historic military road from the Colorado river west towards Baker. Camping along the trail. Rated 2 ½ dry to 3 ½ wet

Mid-Mojave / Cima Dome - 2 days -*Camping
Exploring old mining camps, Red Rock canyon, Burro Schmidt tunnel, and Last  Chance canyon. Rated 3 ½ *Camping

Truckhaven Triangle - 2 days - *Camping or *RV
This is a great area to practice desert driving techniques. West of the Salten Sea in Imperial county. Camping in the hills. Rated 3 ½

Yuha / Painted Gorge - 2 days - *Camping, *Lodging or *RV
You will explore the petrified oyster beds, very large ancient Indian designs (Yuha geoglyph) and some of the Juan Bautista de Anza historic trail. Discover the millions of years of geologic time in the rocks.  Rated 3

El Camino del Diablo - 3 days Camping & National Park fees required. Camping Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, Sonora Desert at it’s best Rated 2 ½

Grand Canyon / Fire Point - 4 days Camping & National Park fees required. Camping, Lodging or RV
This is in the very remote high mountains along the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. We explore the remote hiking and vista points with fantastic views. Rated 2 ½

Grand Canyon / Parashant - 4 days Camping & National Park fees required. The North side of the canyon is an area that most people never see along the Arizona Strip. Stand just inches away from the edge of a precipice, with the Colorado River three thousand feet below. Rated 3 to 3 ½

Kingman / Bullhead - 3 days Camping - Mossback mine, Thumb butte, Chloride and Packmountain Mts. The El Dorado adventure. Rated - 3 ½

Mogollon Plateau / Rim - 3 days Camping in high mountain splendor in Apache-Sitgreaves National forest. Rated 2-2 ½

Hidden Death Valley / Goldfield - 4 days Camping & National Park fees required. Camping, Lodging or RV. North & West of Beatty, Nevada”s Old railroad grades, mining camps, boom to bust camps! The desert of the moon landscape. Rated 3

The Lost City - 2 days Camping & National Park fees required. Camping, Lake Mead and surrounding red rock area. Rated 3 ½

Rocking Hole in the Rock - 4 days Camping. Camping & National Park fees required.
A challenging camping adventure showing the courage and strength of the Mormon pioneers as they built a road into the wilderness to settle the 4-Corners area of the west. We will travel next to or over 100 miles of trail, and the 30-mile recreational section of the trail that is the most remote. You will get a true understanding of the hardships the pioneers experienced. We will stop at Indian ruins along the way. Rated 4

San Rafael Swell and The Maze - 4 days Camping & National Park fees required. Camping in remote
Canyonlands N.P. West of the Green River and the San Rafael Swell. Slot canyons and arches. Rated 3 ½ 

Wonders of the Red Rock
- 5 days Camping, Lodging or RV. The five adventures are each one-day long, so you can camp, RV, or stay in a motel in town. We will cover some of the famous trips such as Chicken Corners, Poison Spider Mesa, Hey Joe Canyon, Metal Masher, and Gold Bar Rim. These trips range from beautiful to exhilarating and we will even drive over a natural rock arch. 2 through 3 ½.

Silverton Dollar Jamboree and San Juan Alps - 5 days,  Camping, Lodging or RV.
We will venture into the mining towns and camps of the past, at elevations of over 11,000 ft. Following the miner's trails, we will drive the famous Black Bear, Cinnamon, Imogene and Engineer Pass, Animus Forks, Stoney Pass, Gladstone and Red Mountain. Our adventures will take us to the rich gold and silver camps, just as the miners did. With the wild flowers as a colorful carpet and the deep blue Colorado sky provide beautiful scenery along the trail. The five exciting days are one-day adventures and you can camp, RV or stay in the comfort of a motel, great for the family. Rated 3 ½

Camp St. Elmo - 3 Days, Camping, Lodging or RV,
We will be able to drive to the top of 14,000 ft. Mount Anterio, visit the historic Tin Cup, Pitkin, Alpine Tunnel and Cumberland Pass. You can camp, RV or motel the three, one day adventures in the alpine setting. The trip would not be complete without a stop at "Frenchy's Café" in Tin Cup. Rated 3 ½

Leadville / Fairplay - 3 days, Camping, Lodging or RV
Explore the silver and gold towns which refused to become a ghost town. Climb the high mountain passes and travel into the past. Rated 3 ½

New Mexico
Palomas Gap - Caballo Lake - 2 days Camping at the lake.  4,000 feet to nearly 7,500 feet, the Caballo Lake / Palomas Gap Trail takes you through Apache Gap, and then around and up the east side of the Caballo Mountains. Rated 3

La Ventana - Camping or RV 1 day 6,500 feet to 7,800 feet, the trail traverses the western most edge of the Santa Fe National Forest and the Sierra Nacimientos.  Rated 3

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