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Monday, 28 January 2008 01:39

Western Adventures Product Test

Test of the "Dometic Power Fridge"

This has been one of the best investments I have made. The 3 way (12 volt DC, 110 volt AC and propane) unit has preformed far better then expected. The compact size has allowed the use on all of my adventures. The temperature can be set for a freezer or a refrigerator depending on your needs.

With the 110 volt AC you can plug it in before you leave and have the "Dometic Power Fridge" cooled down to the temperature you want when you are ready to load it and go. Once you have it in your vehicle just plug it in to your 12 volt outlet and it maintains the set temperature you have selected. When you set up for the night at camp switch to propane to maintain temperature. No draining of your battery while on propane. The small 16 oz. propane bottles will last up to 3 days depending on your temperature setting.

The "Dometic Power Fridge" size outside measures 23.5" X 16" X 18" and the inside is measurements 18" X 8" X 13". This is wonderful size since NO ice is needed which takes up the most room in any cooler.

The inside cooling unit is a flat smooth surface full length on the large back wall. This distributes the cold throughout the whole unit. The "Dometic Power Fridge" has worked to freeze water and "Blue Ice" for additional coolers. The cooling times from our experience from 80 degrees to freezing (32 degrees) 110 volt 4 hours, 12 volt, 5.5 hours, propane 3 hours. We achieved a low temperature of 20 degrees on 110 volt, 28 degrees on 12 volt and 18 degrees on propane gas.

Our main use has been on extended trips where we used the "Dometic Power Fridge" as a freezer. We put in foods to be frozen and blue ice packs to transfer to the additional cooler

for foods we did not want frozen. Where I am gone for weeks at a time this "Dometic Power Fridge" has been a life saver as no more food going to waste. We all have experienced the opening of a cooler and melted ice has got into everything and wasted the food. Then where do you get more ice in the middle of no where? Not a problem with the "Dometic Power Fridge".

From the professional guides point of view this "Dometic Power Fridge" has been a saver and I would recommend it to everyone. We are so impressed with it that we can set you up with a new one. You can order one at Lofty Shelters of from us.

The best part of this unit is the cost, very reasonable.

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