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Monday, 28 January 2008 01:33

Western Adventures Product Test

Test of the "LV-416 Sierra" 4x4 Trailer

Product Testing by Frenchie La Chance of Western Adventures

Testing of the 4X4 Trailers Inc. LV-416 Trailer.

The LV-416 Trailer was equipped with:

White powder coated finish (standard)
Vertical accessory mount on rear of front deck
Deck plating over fenders
Chrome 7" wide rims and mud terrain tires
Urethane bed liner
Vinyl Tonneau Cover
Cargo net

This has been a extensive test of 4X4 Trailers Inc. LV-416 trailer of over fifteen months and has covered all aspects of the normal on and off-highway use of the trailer. The test trailer has been towed behind the Jeep XJ for over 20,000 miles. The test covered below sea level (Death Valley) to over 10,000 feet high passes in Colorado. We pulled it through the Rocky Mts., Sierra Nevada Mts., Sierra Madre Mts. and Mexico. We went through water 16" deep, soft deep sand, dry lake beds, snow up to 12" deep and 100 mile stretches of 6+" washboard trails to the tip of Baja California. The LV- 416 is fully Baja proven, and that is the true test of strength of any product.

We used the LV- 416 trailer the way most people would and beyond. We had it packed with from 500 to 1,750 pounds of gear and supplies on the numerous off highway adventures. Some of the adventures lasted for up to five weeks at a time and we packed it with considerable gear. We never were able to come close to the weight that it is capable of carrying of 2000 pounds. If you were carrying a load of rocks you may get close to the maximum weight limit.

First impressions; The look is of the old familiar 416 military trailer. The quality was outstanding with the workmanship of construction the welds were clean, neat and solid. I really liked the rubber mounted recessed lights on the sides to the tail lights. The lights were protected from the roughest terrain and out of the way. The finish was clean and easy to maintain.

The most impressive point was the hitch and frame which went full length of the trailer and the additional receiver on the rear of the trailer. The rear receiver allowed the addition of a "DuraHauler" to carry additional fuel and water cans, without worrying about leaking onto other items inside of the LV-416. The hitch was designed to quickly switch from a 2" ball, to a Pinto Ring or to the swivel hitch with a removal of a pin. This is also a security item as if you take the hitch out then it is difficult to haul the trailer away.

With the added Tongue Deck Receiver you have many additional items that can be added to the trailer making it the most versatile trailer I have seen on the market. The thought that went into making this LV 416 is outstanding and I have put it to the test.

The only area that showed any wear was where we sent rocks from our tires flying into the fenders. We got a few chips of the powder coat knocked off. Just for the record we got more of the same on out towing vehicle from those "Banzai Runs" across washboard roads. We will have to attribute that to driver error for going a little to fast.

Final impression; This is truly one of the finest products to come out in a long time and provide more then promised and was a pleasure to use.

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