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Monday, 28 January 2008 01:30

Western Adventures Product Test

Test of the Wilderness Systems PAMLICO 160 Kayak

Product Testing by Frenchie La Chance of Western Adventures

Testing of the PAMLICO 160 Kayak

Pamlico 160 Kayak

Western Adventures has gotten all wet with this test! I have been taking Adventures to Baja and clients have been bringing their kayaks with them. I have used their kayaks and spent the last year deciding what the best kayak would be for me. I found “Wilderness Systems” to be the most respected and liked kayaks. They have the complete line of different kayaks for all uses and abilities. I decided on the Pamlico 160 as it will meet my needs as a recreational type of kayak. The requirements are; easy to use in fresh and salt water, quality construction, fits one to two people and a dog, useable for day or overnight trips. The “Wilderness Systems” Pamlico 160 met the requirements and surpassed my expectations. I decided that the rotomolded (Polyethylene) version was the most durable for the way I am using it. The fiberglass or Kevlar are lighter and would be best suited for a different use then the way I plan on using the kayak. I also got the rudder for when the winds make paddling a bit more challenging. The paddles that I selected were not the top of the line as I do not feel that my need for that style will make a difference to me. The touring Kayaks and paddles do make a difference for the more extreme user. I did like their spray skirt since it will adjust to 1, 2 or 2+ people easily.

Be sure and watch as the year goes along and I count the times I end up in the drink. Right now it is only once, but I am sure I will add to that.

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