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Monday, 28 January 2008 01:28

Western Adventures Product Test

Test of the Zodi Shower and Tent Heater

Product Testing by Frenchie La Chance of Western Adventures

Testing of the Zodi Shower and Tent Heater

ZODI Outback GearWe are coming up on one year of testing the “Zodi” High Performance Portable Shower and Hot Vent Tent Heater. Testing has been extensive as I use these type pf products as a provisional guide. The use they have gotten in the last year is more then most people will use them in their lifetime.

“Zodi” - We have used the Hot Vent Tent Heater (#9180) on the very cold nights in the mountains as low as 18 degrees outside and stayed warm and comfortable inside our “Lofty Shelters” car top tent. I was impressed at first glance with the way it was designed, the heat exchanger was outside and the dangerous gasses were outside away from the tent.

The test results are in:

The Plus (+) side, the forced air fan moved a lot of heat and by re-circulation of the air through the heater it is very efficient. The “Hot Vent Tent Heater” (#9180) is a great heater and far exceeded out expectations. I would recommend the “Hot Vent Tent Heater” for anyone who is four season camping and anyone who camps with night temperatures below 45 degrees.

On the negative (-) side I would not put the fan next to your head as it dose produce some fan noise. Put the fan at the other end of the tent away from your head and you will be fine. Because I used this with my “Lofty Shelters” Car top tent and above the ground I added a separate on and off switch so I would not need to get down and turn it off. This was a simple inline switch that allowed me to turn it off and on as I wanted.

Note; The thought of using the old catalytic heater in a tent of any type without ventilation is dangerous, and the ventilation lets the heat out. The possibility of starting a fire, getting burned and inhaling carbon monoxide why take the chance. The “Zodi” tent heater has taken that out of the equation by putting the heat exchanger outside making this a superior product.

This is a recommended as a must have from the professional guides testing and evaluation.

“Zodi” High Performance Portable Shower (hot tap HP #6121) - We have used the hot shower on our extensive adventures from Copper Canyon, Mexico to all of Baja California and the Western States.

The first impression was will this small box have all that it takes. The answer was quick and easy to test. Our many adventures give us a chance to use the “Zodi” High Performance Portable Shower under all conditions.

The test results are in; The Plus (+) side, - We were very impressed with the ease with which it was to set up and get going. We had our hot water fast and without any wasted water. The storage container works as a water reservoir or you can put the end into any water source. Most important it gave us very hot water in as little as 10 seconds. The hot tap HP #6121 did more then it stated. I was very impressed. I use the hot tap to make hot water for all of my camping needs.

On the negative (-) side - I had to look very hard to find any. The heating coils will sweat when the water is almost freezing and you run it through the heater. This is not a problem, but at first you will think is leaking when it is the condensation on the tubing.

Both of these excellent products are available through

“Lofty Shelters” web site at http://www.loftyshelters.com

”Zodi’s” web site at http://www.zodi.com

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