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These dates are set aside for training, but watch for additional dates and locations. Our calendar has the type of class offered on the specific date;
November 26 & 27 - California
December 3 & 4 - New Mexico
December  10 & 11 - New Mexico
This is the last of the pre-scheduled classes.

For 2012 year contact the office for classes.

Our 4X4 Driver Training
Frenchie La Chance’s has 40 years of 4 wheeling experience and 26 years of 4X4 training provides our clients with the finest training. Frenchie’s ongoing quest to stay up with new products, techniques puts us on the cutting edge of 4-wheeling. I teach the details of the trade you develop the skills. Western Adventures is a complete 4x4 off road school with the lecture and hands on training. We also "Train the Trainers".

So why Western Adventures 4X4 Driving School?
If you have a concern about getting vehicle damage, lost, stuck or broken. Our classes will help to reassure you of your abilities and those of your vehicle. We can improve your off highway driving skills in one of our many training classes. A example; teacher who teaches math may know math, but not gardening. Frenchie is a teacher who knows 4 wheeling and not how to fly a plane.

The school of “Hard Knocks” can be very expensive and you may still not know the correct way (only what you did was the wrong way). Many people learn from the school of “Hard Knocks” or from their buddies. Because your buddy may be a good 4-wheel driver, they may not be a good 4-wheel drive teacher, but there is a sizeable and direct identifiable difference between us. 4X4 Training for fun, safety and a great way to enjoy the outdoors.

"I4WDTA" Experts
Anyone can say they are a "Expert", and open a 4X4 Driving School business! What constitutes the ability to be called a “Expert”? The 4X4 trainers community has come together and over many years has developed standards. These standards were developed by the trainers and many additional respected people in the automotive field. Every “I4WDTA” Expert which is a member has been required to pass a stringent written test and field test. Only after meeting these strict requirements can you be a certified “I4WDTA” Expert. For additional information visit < http://www.i4wdta.org >.

For your yourself and your family do not get unproven information from a unknown skilled or unskilled person.

Learn how to be more prepared (vehicle/personal) when going off of the pavement.
Become aware of how to negotiate the rough terrain
Gain the knowledge of how to do a quick field fix when something on your vehicle breaks
Understanding how to pick a proper line and how to spot another driver
Ascertain basic and advanced recovery techniques
Realistic suggestions for modifying your truck and much, much more.

Some of our contracts are for elite military groups these personal only use the highest quality instructors as there lives depend on the best. We contract with many Federal, State, County and City government agencies. We are still working with auto manufacturers   and after market manufacturers companies. Working with companies from around the world large and small.

Where are the classes held?
In the U.S. we consunterate on the states west of the Mississippi River.  We also do training in Canada and Mexico.
Additional locations as requested. We will be happy to train your club or organization.

DS-101 Why do I need this basic class?
If your goal is to;
*Reduce the chance of being stuck in the outback....you need our class!
*Learn why your vehicle dose what it wants and not what you want it to do....you need our class!
*Eliminate the potential damage to your vehicle....you need our class!
*Make a reduction in the damage to the environment....you need our class!
*Should you learn improper techniques without thinking through the logic, you can not only hurt yourself but others as well....you need our class!
*Enjoy the great out doors....you want our class!
*You want to insure you protect your family and yourself....you need this class!

Areas we will cover are in our civilian classes;
*Planning and Preparedness (before you go you want to be able to come back).
*Supplies Check List (what you need or may want off highway) .
*GPS and Map reading (what dose this mean?).
*Mechanics of 4-Wheel Drive (understanding mechanical symphony).
*Intro. to driving technics;
Dirt roads
Hills - ascending and descending
Water - standing and moving

*Vehicle Camping (no need to be a unconfortable).
*Vehicle Modifications (do I need to spent thousands more or NOT?).
*Safety (it is never out of style).
*Survival (coming out in one piece).
*Preparation for Overlanding (What do I need to carry and the difference between overlanding and 4-Wheeling).
*Fun Manifold Cooking (What is it and why).
*Tread Lightly

DS-102 -Our intermediate 4X4 classes;
You will get into more challenging terrains and areas which require attention to the finer details.
Bigger Rocks
Steeper hills
Side hills
Ridges Ruts
(location bound)
Water - standing and moving

DS-103 - Our advanced 4X4 class DS-103 - is for those who want the highest skill level where 1 inch one way or the other makes a big difference. We concentrate on rock crawling and extreme terrains. Call office - scheduled as requested.

DS BR-201 - Basic Recovery is always a possibility, when in the back country. Just having the gear is not good if you do not know the appropriate way to use it. The use of recovery strap, winch, sand mats, “Hi-Lift” jack can be serious if not used properly, responsibly and safely. We give you the correct and safe way to use the gear so both your vehicle and you come out safely

4X4 Spotter Class (SP-501)
If your not planning on driving or you do not drive (you are not allowed or just rather not). This is your class and is very important technique detailed for you. You need to understand the vehicle, but you need to know the drivers skills and techniques as well.

Class focus;
Wheel cheat
Front end swing
Body roll
Approach angles
Departure angles
Vehicle widths
Hand signals

1 on 1 training - I am not into group training, so what do you offer?
Western Adventures 4X4 School will familiarize you with off-highway driving in a relaxed, personalized and professional manner. Western Adventures 4X4 School can help you  gain experience in a safe and fun manner, rather than by the costly trial and error. Gain the confidence and fundamental skills to enjoy4-wheeling for the rest of the your life in a safe manor!
Are you ready for the challenge of Western Adventures 4X4 School? If so, contact us today for a personal consultation. We now offer training by the day, if that is what you is best for your needs.

Specific classes we offer; These classes give you additional details in the Art of 4-wheeling.

DS-101 - We offer Introductory 4X4 classes DS-101 - If you are new and want to understand your vehicle, capabilities of your vehicle as well as its limits.

DS-102 - Our intermediate 4X4 classes DS-102 - You will get into more challenging terrains and areas which require attention to the finer details.

DS-103 - Our advanced 4X4 class DS-103 - is for those who want the highest skill level where 1 inch one way or the other makes a big difference. We concentrate on rock crawling and extreme terrains. Call office - scheduled as requested.

DS BR-201 Basic Recovery is always a possibility, when in the back serious. Just having the gear is not good if you do not know the appropriate way to use it. The use of recovery strap, winch, sand mats, “Hi-Lift” jack can be serious if not used properly, responsibly and safely. We give you the correct and safe way to use the gear so both your vehicle and you come out safely

DS AR-202 - Advanced Recovery is a extension of our basic recovery to the extreme recovery situations. Extensive rigging situations. Combining different pieces of gear for combination recoveries.  Call office - scheduled as requested.

DS S-301- Sand for those who want training in deep soft sand dunes. If you want to play in the big dunes or if you plan on a world overlanding expedition. 4X4 will never be a “dune buggie” but you can with proper techniques get through the dunes, just a little slower.

DS SP-501 - Spotter class is for helping the driver through rough spots. This class is for the driver who wants to develop the skills in understanding tire placement (how big is 1" and what it means). Spotter class for helping the driver through rough spots. This is very good for the non-driver (passenger). Pass the information to the driver in safe and understandable method. A day of hands on, reading, learningand guiding through tight situations.

CC-401 - Custom Classes - designed to fit your specific needs. Call office - scheduled as requested.
For custom, special or additional dates. Call the office 760-789-1563

DS- OL 601 Overlanding Expedition Training - Overlanding training for yourself and vehicle preparation. Avoid the pitfalls of want vers need. Not all risk can be removed, but they can be limited. If you are going for weeks or for years on the road proper preparation to reduce the unforeseen. What you need for field repairs, recovery, navigation and the human interaction. Contact the office for this class.

We also offer consultation for your origination, business, convention or club.  We offer complete off road vehicle driver training. Contact the office for very reasonable rates.  Western Adventures 4X4 School guides people from around the world into the out-back with four-wheel drive vehicles, organizes special off-highway (off-road) events throughout the U.S. and Mexico. Western Adventures provides scouting services, film production location, and instructs professionals in proper 4x4 driving technique, off-highway (off-road) and trail safety, and four-wheeling etiquette, with special attention to your specifics.

So who are some of our clients?
U.S. Military, BLM, Forest Service, State Parks, Utilities Companies, International companies, Fortune 500 companies, Gas & Oil companies, Phone companies, Search and Rescue, film industery, off- highway (4X4) clubs and the general public. You are next!

What is the cost of the classes?
DS-101 $289.oo Includes 4X4 books, hand-outs, tire gage, tire deflators and more. Max. 5 vehicles per class.
DS-102 $399.oo Includes advanced book and handouts. Max. 2 vehicles per class.
DS-103 $499.oo All hands on training. Max. 2 vehicle per class.
DS-BR-201 $299.oo Includes 4X4 books and hand-outs. Max. 5 vehicles per class.
DS-AR-202 $399.oo Includes advanced book and handouts. Max. 2 vehicles per class
DS-S-301 $299.oo Max. 5 vehicles per class.
DS-SP- 501 $289.oo Max. 5 vehicles per class.
DS-CC-401 Quoted as per class.
DS- OL 601 $399.oo Scheduled as requested.

Western Adventures is a proud member of the I4WDTA.***

***The International 4 Wheel Drive Trainer Association (I4WDTA) mission is to certify experienced Professional 4WD Instructors throughout the world. I4WDTA Certified Trainers have met the highest professional standards that were formulated by 4WD professionals from around the world. All I4WDTA Certified Trainers have years of experience as instructors and are 4WD experts.

All I4WDTA members are tested to certify they have the knowledge and skills to be teaching you. Not all 4X4 teachers have the proper skills and knowledge to become members, check to see that your teacher has the skills. Learn it the correct way, the first time!

What some of out clients have to say;


Great Saturday in Anza B. , the class was a BLAST! . My son and I are 
still talking about it! .

Thanks  for showing me how to better drive my rig . We've already 
started hitting the trail to practice !

Best Always,

Jack and Josh P  aka FJ SCOUT

Hi Frenchie-

I just wanted to thank you for the great class last Saturday.

I took the DS-101 class last Saturday and it was one of the most
enjoyable classes I have ever taken in my whole life.  The
explanations were clear, to the point, and easy to understand.  You
have a great sense of humor that made the learning fun.   I found you
to be very honest and open.   You were always patient and calm.  Your
calm manner, gentle encouragement and common sense were great for
making the seemingly impossible obstacles not such a big deal.   What
a rare thing it is to find all these qualities in a teacher.

I would not hesitate to take another class from you.

Thank you again!

The class was just what I needed to feel safe about going off-highway. Your detail descriptions were excellent in commutating the specific situations. I really enjoyed the second day.
Darryl H.
Anaheim, CA

Hi Frenchie - I am just writing to say thanks again for a truly awesome experience! I had so much fun driving with you, it was a day I'll never forget! Thanks for your low-stress vibe, and your confidence in me. I felt the perfect balance of confidence and  cautiousness - the balance that allowed me to have fun!
Best Wishes,

Hello Frenchie,
This class was the best money we spent since getting our Toyota.
Helen and John R.
San Jose, CA

Excellent class Frenchie! The class far exceeded our expectations. We have used many of the techniques on our trips off road. I learned more in the first hour of the class then in the year with my friends.
Excellent class.
Robert T.
Scottsdale, AZ

We have recommended the class to some of out friends. We were very impressed with you knowledge.
Outstanding class!
Peter G. San Diego, CA

I had no ides the vehicle could do half of what we did in the class. I have far more confidence then I did before the driving school. Frenchie you are a topnotch instructor.
Sandra T. San Diego, CA

Hello Frenchie
Since the class I have gone out with Bob D. from the class and we keep discussing all of the information you gave us and how much of we have used all of it.
First-rate training.
Kenneth M.
Los Angeles, CA  

Frenchie, the class was terrific and I look forward to getting into you next class to improve my driving skill even further. I hope to see you soon.
Thank you,
Bill M.
Las Vegas, NV

The wife and I learned so much we can not wait to use all of the information you gave us. Between the two of us we hope to remember most of what we learned in the class. Great job the hands on was the best part of the class.
Don B. San Diego, CA

Thanks Frenchie! The trip was worth it to learn all of the information you presented. We stayed a couple of days longer to practice what we learned. We will enjoy our next vacation much more with the skills we now have.
Richard and Bev. S.
Phoenix, AZ

Please see our current Calendar for currently scheduled Driving School dates of each type - or feel free to call our office any time!

Additional dates are available upon request.

Western Adventures 4X4 Driving School & Guide service is proud to be part of the International 4-wheel Driver Trainers' Association (I4WDTA). The I4WDTA is setting the bar for 4 wheel drive instructors. Its members have adopted the latest training techniques and standards which make them the best instructors in the world.***



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