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Monday, 28 January 2008 01:38

Western Adventures Product Test

Test of the "Columbus Days Car Top Tent"

The results of a full 24+ months testing of the Columbus Days on the ‘99 Cherokee.

This tent has been used more in the months we have had the Columbus Days then most people will in ten years. As a professional guide who camps out for a living the Columbus Days has been put to the professional test.

The locations we tested the Columbus Days have included all of our Western Adventures, including Baja California, Copper Canyon, Mexico, Moab, Utah, California, and New Mexico. We had a total of over 300 days of camping use and additional day trips and Driving School Training Classes. This tent has not been removed in the 24 months since we first put it on and we accomplished trails rated up to 4 on a 1(easy) to 4+ (extreme) scale.

The climate test was run is from sea level to 8,000 feet above sea level. The temperature ranged from 25 degrees to 105 degrees. Winds varied from 0 to 66 MPH in the open camping position. The closed traveling position test was on the highway was conducted at up to 90 MPH to check handling at highway speeds. Additional cross winds of up to 30 MPH while doing 65 MPH highway speeds. The Columbus Days Car Top Tent passed all tests with flying colors.

The results;

Appearance; Sleek and Aerodynamic closed. Opened is a little different then you are accustom to seeing opened, side view is like a Tee Pee, the front to back like a RV and back to front a standard tent..

Comfort; Excellent foam pad and pillows standard equipment. Well insulated top and good breath ability with the fabric sides. The screening kept the bugs out and let the air flow freely. The doors zipped up kept the water out. The insulated top did a good job of making the tent comfortable.

Set up; "Fantastic" Open one latch and a gentile push and it is open. Grab the ladder and extend it out and you can be laying down in under 30 seconds.

Closings; "Smooth and Easy" The ladder first inside and grab the closing handle and close half way, tucking in the fabric sides, then 90% closed check the fabric again and stick inside the closing handle and rope, hook the latch and your done in 45 seconds.

Weather Resistance; "Super comfort" - We have used this Car Top Tent in light to moderate rains and winds up to 66 MPH and it has surpassed any ground tents we have used and tested. The design was excellent for shedding water and condensation. We are looking forward to testing it under more severe rain conditions, but have simply been too "lucky" thus far.

My impression with the Columbus Days at first was the weight on the top of the vehicle. That was quickly resolved after the first couple of trips with the the Columbus Days on the top (only 122 pounds). The trails this has been on have been from the easy trails all of the way to the hard core trails (to a 4 on a 1 to 4+ rating). It is great for the person who wants to access the back country and still have civilized sleeping quarters for the night up away from the bugs and critters. The Columbus Days far exceeded my expectations.

Value; Value is where this Columbus Days is outstanding. The whole unit will last a lifetime, simple, high quality, and style. The cost is more than off-set by the fact that it will simply out last ground tents, (which get holes in the bottom or their fabric must be dried before you can put them away). I would highly recommend the Columbus Days Car Top Tent to anyone who wants to camp in style and go with class.

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