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Monday, 28 January 2008 01:35

Western Adventures Product Test

Test of the "Maggiolina Extreme" Car Top Tent

Product Testing by Frenchie La Chance of Western Adventures

The latest Car Top Tent to use has been the Maggiolina "Extreme" from Lofty Shelters. (The tent was mounted to the same "Tule Rack System" as the Columbus).

Magginolina Extreme

The Extreme is only available in the small size. The Airland is the same tent, but dose not have the additional rack on the top to mount a kayak, canoe, spare tire, or bikes. The Airland comes in small, medium or large sizes.

This test has been a extensive test of Maggiolina "Extreme" from Lofty Shelters of over six months. The test has covered all aspects of the normal on and off-highway use of the tent. The test tent has been left on the Jeep XJ for over 10,000 miles. The test covered below sea level (Death Valley) to over 10,000 feet high passes in Colorado. We pulled it through the Rocky Mts., Sierra Nevada Mts., Sierra Madre Mts. and Mexico. We went through 100 mile stretches of 6+" washboard trails to the tip of Baja California. The Maggiolina "Extreme" is fully Baja proven, and that is the true test of strength of any outdoor product.

The first impression of the tent is that it is short as you see it on the Cherokee. In reality it is 6'9" long and sleeps two people up to 6'5" tall comfortably. The design is similar to the Columbus when closed. The opening up is different, it is done with a hand crank and the top lifts straight up with four straight walls.

The most impressive point was the quality that was put into the construction. The details such as the interior light, built in storage pockets, the insulated roof, and privacy screens all speak well of the thought that was put into making this tent. The water proof sides did excellent in keeping out the water and making the tent 20 degrees warmer inside when the temperatures dropped to the teens outside. The full screened sides doors and end windows kept the bugs out and made for great ventilation on those warm nights.

The only thing that I noticed was the tent took longer then the Columbus to open and close. Instead of 30 seconds from closed to be inside the sleeping bag it was closer to 1 minute and one half. That is still five minutes faster then the fastest ground tent to set up and the mattress is very comfortable.

Final impression; This is truly one of the finest tents to come out in a long time and provide more comfort then promised with ease to setup and was a pleasure to use. I would recommend this tent to all campers who want and expect more from there outdoor experience.

Frenchie La Chance
Western Adventures

Lofty Shelters
444 Lassen St #3
Los Altos, CA 94022

(866) 251-6364 - Toll Free

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