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Monday, 28 January 2008 01:32

Western Adventures Product Test

Test of the Cobb BBQ Cooking System

Product Testing by Frenchie La Chance of Western Adventures

Testing of the 4X4 Cobb BBQ cooking system

This is a relatively new and easy to use outdoor and camping BBQ. It is a great camping addition for the outdoor person. Best of all, it a is portable and safe way to cook. The Cobb portable BBQ uses a small number (8) of charcoal briquettes to cook with. We rate this as an excellent buy!

Testing the Cobb portable BBQ:  This is a product I saw several months ago. It intrigued me enough to get one and test it. Having its own carrying case, the unit is compact and easy to carry with you. The outside of the unit stays cool while cooking. It is easy to use whether cooking a roast, whole chickens, or steaks. The drain pan is designed to drain grease away from the coals so you do not have flair-ups. The BBQ can be put in its bag and transported home for cleaning or wiped off on the spot for an easy cleaning of the no stick surface.

Have you ever thought that you could cook a pizza out camping? Well now you can with the Cobb BBQ. The Cobb has many other uses, from cooking omelets, baked potatoes, to all of your vegetables. This is a product that I recommend without reservation.

To order this unit call 1-858-587-0400.

Cut away image of Cobb Portable Grill

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