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Monday, 28 January 2008 01:27

Western Adventures Product Test

Test of the Raingler Cherokee Barrier Net

Product Testing by Frenchie La Chance of Western Adventures

Testing of the Cherokee Barrier Net

Reingler CherokeeBarrier NetI have had the Raingler Cherokee Barrier Net in my vehicle for 6 months now. It has proven as a safety barrier for my Golden Retriever in keeping her in the back where she is safe. It also gives me a solid feeling should I be in a accident and need to keep the gear from flying up and hitting me. It is extremely well made and is easy to install. I highly recommend the Raingler Cherokee Barrier Net as a product that should be in all SUV’S when they leave the pavement. The development that went into this is excellent as it is adaptable to all Sport Utility Vehicles. I have seen too many accidents where the contents have caused more injuries then the accident itself. As a professional guide and 4X4 driving instructor I highly recommend it for all 4X4 vehicles.

Ringler.com has a complete line of additional nets and cargo racks, nets, grab handles, bumpers, and Skidz.

You can order them from Ringler at;


Phone 303-523-1776

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