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Expedition De Mexico

Rated as a 3½ 21 Day Exploring Adventure


A true Expedition to the remote and beautiful Baja and Old Mexico (mainland). This trip is a adventure of a lifetime. We will cover the Total Baja Peninsula and the North-Western areas of the mainland of Mexico.

This is for the true adventurous outdoors man, the one in a million. The Adventures starts from Yuma, AZ. with Volcanic cinder cones Pianicate National Park in Mexico. We will travel to the Ruins of Casas Grande and see the remains of the old Indian culture. The third highest waterfall in North America is awaiting our visit to watch the water cascade over the 1,000 ft. waterfall. You travel back in time as you see the Tarahumara Indians and their way of life. We drop through time into the Barranca del Cobre (Copper Canyon) which is almost three times the size of the Grand Canyon, and 1,400' deeper. This area has been recognized as some of the wildest and most rugged and interesting areas in North America. The Canyons will take a couple of days to explore, and with this we will have only scratched the surface. We will cross the Chinipas River (hopefully the water is down) for our accent and decent over another set of mountains. The whole terrain has now changed and the culture along with it. You will have left the pine forest, palm trees and cactus growing side by side all behind. The rolling hills with Ranchos with the Cowboys on horseback. This brings us to the exciting town of Alamos, one of the more Americanized towns. It will seem like floating on water as we drive on the pavement to Los Mochis and to the Ferry Crossing. We will arrive at La Paz, Baja California Sur. The climate, people and scenery have all changed. This part of the trip we will spend in, around or in search of water. We will travel to the tip of Baja and relax in the sun and see the local sights of Cabo San Lucas. As we travel north up the state we will take in many unique, strange and charming sights. With all of the beautiful beaches on both sides of the peninsula you will get a treat at every turn. There will be stops at Indian writings, old Missions, old Mining towns natural hot spring pools and much more. The route will be on Dirt and paved roads as we search out the un-traveled areas of Baja. The volcanic rock and cactus take on unusual forms as we explore all of what Baja has to offer. Towns like Mulege, Santa Rosalia, El Arco, San Felipe and Bahia de los Angeles with there different histories. The Missions of the Jesuits and then the Franciscans are exciting to see, some are in ruins and others are specular sights. The challenges are many and the sights breath taking all of this is just waiting for us. As we get closer to the border we have seen a lot and experienced even more. We will have to put this in our memories as we return to the United States in the San Diego area.


Note; This is not for the weekend traveler. We want only those who are have the true sense of being a explorer and some of the hardships it entails. This also will increase the rewards that much more, as being one of the few to have done it. Do to the length of the Expedition and the many options we have the exact itinerary is open to the wishes of the group.

There will be approximately twelve nights in hotels or lodges. Some meals are included but as a rule you are responsible for your own. There will be camping locations where there are no facilities, which means that you must be self contained. Your vehicle must be in sound mechanical condition to cover the more than 3,000 (border to border) miles without any major problems. The Vehicle must be able to maintain highway speeds of 60 MPH.

Special Equipment; First-Aid Kit, CB radio, tow strap, 10 extra gal. of gas, extra oils, Good spare tire, extra fan belts, hoses, fuel filters, oil filter, spare parts (anything you have ever broken), universal joints, tie rod ends, electric fuel pump, spare electronic brain, air filter and any thing you can think of and have room for.

You will need a passport or birth certificate, Vehicle Ownership title (or a Notarized Letter from the lender giving you permission to bring the vehicle into Mexico), Drivers licence and a major credit card to cover the $12.oo fee (Payment is by credit card only). All of this needs to be in photocopied twice, for the entry of the vehicle to the Mainland of Mexico. Without this you can not bring your vehicle to the mainland of Mexico. The Visa for you and the vehicle can be completed as soon as we cross the border. This usually takes about an hour or so to process everyone. You will need to buy Mexican insurance as the U.S. insurance is not valid in Mexico - (you can buy your Mexican insurance on-line).

Expenses; Your Fee is for the Guide Services, 12 Nights of accommodations in hotels, Camping fees and some meals.

Your expenses are fuel, mechanical repairs, toll roads, ferry crossing fee, food, drinks, souvenirs, any legal fees or items not listed above as included. Their will be locations every two or three days to get food and potable water. Any third or forth person in a vehicle are charged an additional fee.

You will receive a check-list of suggested items to bring do use it and add any additional items to meet your requirements. Note; if you are on any medication be sure and take at least an additional weeks supply.

The Approximate Cost of the trip per vehicle, double bed, (not counting Guide service fee):

Fuel and oils (with 12 to 15 MPG average) - $350

Tolls and Ferry - $165

Food and Water - $150

Souvenirs - $300

Insurance - $200

Restaurants and tips - $300

Recreation (Boat rental, Skiing etc.) - $150

Extra person each sharing the same room. Not inc. ($425)

Extra Person in separate room Not inc. ($750)

(The above costs are to be used as a guide only
and your expenses will very from that amount).

Everything except the Guide Service and Insurance should be converted to Pesos and Travelers checks (Smaller denotations amounts are easier to work with). The hide a bank is the best way to transport your money, Contact Western Adventures for details.

Thank you,

Western adventures

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