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Monday, 28 January 2008 01:01

Mata Ortiz & Parqume

This is a relatively easy adventure into the past, where time has stood still. The ruins of a time gone by are ours to savor as we go back to the time a thousand years. We explore the ruins at Parqume and the museum with the relics excavated at this site. Travel to Mata Ortiz for the finest Mexican pottery is hand made. A fantastic 5 day Mainland Mexico adventure. Rated a 2

This is an easy 4X4 adventure, any all wheel drive or full time 4 wheel drive vehicles are permitted. We will meet in Douglas, AZ where we will have a get acquainted dinner at the famous Gaston Hotel (this is not mandatory). This is the night before we cross the border where we will cover any last minute questions.

Day one; You will travel to Paquime Ruins and the museum. These pueblo style of ruins were last inhabited about 800 years ago. I can generally get the director of the archaeological diggings to take us on a personal behinds the seems. We will then travel down to the pueblo of Mata Ortiz and the Adobe Inn for our lodging. The evening starts with a dinner and a chance to go over the days discoveries. The local potters will bring some of the Olla's they have made to us.

Day two; This is a dirt street dusty town with the best hand made pottery in Mexico. We will start with a stroll through town and into the houses of the potters and look at their wares. We can visit Anna's house and learn how to make the pottery, even getting our hands into the mud.

Day 3; We will have a early start to travel to the Northern Sierra Madre mountains for a little exploration of the ancient caves of the Valle De Los Cuevas.

Day four This is for you to spend time shopping relaxing or taking in the culture or the side trip to the Mennonite camps. They are known for there cheeses and organize and advanced farming techniques. We will again return back to our last night in Mata Ortiz we will relax with a dinner.

Day five; After another great breakfast we will head North to the border and our homes.

The total miles driven in Mexico will depend on the side trips you may take but should be around 600 miles. You will need to get Mexican insurance. You can get your visa and temporary vehicle import permit for the vehicle at the border at the same time (this has to be paid for with a Credit Card). Note: Cameras are not allowed in the museum and you will need to check them when you enter the museum or leave them in your vehicle.

This is a easy adventure where all lodging is included and no camping out is required. Most all meals are included. Your responsibility D-1 Breakfast (U.S.), D-1 Lunch (Mexico), D-# lunch, D-5 lunch, You will need to have snacks and drinks for the drive. If you plan on brining back pottery be sure and bring some packing material with you. Bubble wrap can be purchased at Walmart in Douglas, AZ.

Special Equipment; permanent mounted C.B. Radio, Extra fluid (oils), Cameras, Food for snacks, lunches Extra Drinking Water.

This is our planned itinerary and is subject to change due to; weather, or any unforeseen conditions. Western Adventures hopes this will be one adventure you will always cherish. Adventures are subject to change do to weather or other instances beyond our control.

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Western Adventures

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