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Monday, 28 January 2008 00:58

Bahia Kino 4X4 Challenge

This is a remote adventure into the Sonora Desert of Northern Mexico. This is a challenging adventure as we test your driving skills - sailing across the desert sands. We will follow along the Sea of Cortez into the heart of the desert. This is an awe-inspiring 7 day camping adventure with some possible lodging available.

We will meet and leave from Yuma, AZ for our crossing into Mexico. Lodging is available in Yuma. Our meeting location is at the Denny’s Restaurant at the Hwy 95 exit (north side of the road). We will depart for the border at 8:00 AM. We will need to get your Visa at the border. At 8:30 AM we will get visas. This requires a passport to get the visas and re-entry back into the U.S.

We will then travel along Hwy. 2 to the volcanoes at Pinacate and onto the dirt. It will be back to the highway and pushing onto Hermosillo and the beaches of Bahia Kino. This is the area where Seri Indians makes all of the Iron Wood carvings and baskets. The going gets rough in some places - the quicksand and mud will keep us alert. We will cross rocky sections of beach and hills which will push us inland as we enter into the Sonora desert. We will run the beaches as we watch for low tide. We will visit quiet towns and fishing camps as we follow the coast. We will enter the Americanized town of Puerto Penasco, known for the shrimp fishing. We will leave comforts of civilization behind as we enter the sand dunes. Hard sand and soft sand will keep us mowing to the town of El Golfo. From here we will be back on the pavement to the USA. This trip will challenge you and your vehicle, in this beautiful remote setting.

The route to Bahia Kino will be about 550 plus miles of paved roads, dirt roads, sand roads or no roads. We will cross at San Lois (where we cross going South). You will need to carry 15 extra Gallons of fuel, additional 5 gal. of water (bottled water is available along the way) and camping supplies for this remote location.

Special Equipment; good spare tire, C.B. radio, camping gear, food and water, extra 15 gal. of gas, camera with film. Use your checklist of your camping equipment to prevent leaving anything behind (this is sent when we get your deposit). Buy Mexican Insurance for your vehicle to prevent any problems if you were to be in a fender bender. This can be bought ahead of time by going to my “Links” page or at the border.

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