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Monday, 28 January 2008 00:57

Treasures of Baja

This terrific Baja adventure follows the little remaining
history of the Indians of 400 plus years ago.
This is a combination of camping and hotels.


We will leave from the parking lot at the last shopping center before the border in Tecate. This is 50 miles east of San Diego, California just off of Hwy.94. You should have already purchased your insurance and exchanged any money you will need. I suggest that you change Greenbacks for Pesos to prevent being taken advantage of. In some of the more remote locations you don’’t get a good exchange rate. The needs of each person is different and the amount of money that you exchange will be different. The use of credit cards for fuel and in stores is unheard of in Baja, you will need cash. This is a good place to use the "canned bank." (This is the hidden compartment made to look like a beverage container). You can buy your Mexican Insurance on line at

Our adventure starts as we travel down Hwy. 2 We will turn our noses south into the desert to remote Indian sites. We will camp in a colorful canyon filled with palm trees at this desert oasis.

Our goal is to reach San Felipe for the night. We will have soft sand, rocks and a dry lake bed (I hope) The morning brings us to the route south into the desert along the Sea Cortez. We will pass many interesting bays, catus and geography. We must stop in at the famous "Coco's Corner" on our journey.

As we get back to pavement we will stop at other Indian paintings. We will get our Visas and get headed south. We have to get out permits to go into the canyons. They will radio the rancho and let them know we are on our way. After checking in we will get our Mules and special guides. All of your gear is packed onto the Burros back. We will ride off into the sunset as we get closer to the canyon. This is a remarkable ride into the canyon and the caves. These are rated as the #3 in the whole world. We will set-up camp and hike to the different caves for a couple of days. The last day we ride back to the rancho dropping off the mules and burros. We will load up our vehicles and savor what we have seen.

Our goal is to make town Guerrero Negro of for a hotel and shower. Back to the road and north to the turn-off to Santa Caterina the home of the last pure Indians in all of Baja. They have hand woven baskets and fired clay pots that they make in the traditional ways.

On our last day we will then head to the border hoping to get across before 6 P.M..

The special equipment for this adventure is;

C.B. radio for vehicle, Extra engine fluids, and Camping gear (use our "Camping Gear Check" list sent when we receive your deposit). An additional 2 - 5 fuel cans. Do not bring fuel into Mexico in cans!

I hope to see you on a Western Adventure real soon.

Thank You,

Frenchie La Chance
Western Adventures
"Explorers Club"

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