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Monday, 28 January 2008 00:48

San Felipe 4X4 Fiesta

An exciting trip to some of the remote desert locations and most unique in all of Baja California.

A 4 day camping trip rated as 2½


This adventure leaves at the town of Tecate on the U.S. side of the border with Mexico One block north of the border crossing (small shopping center parking lot). This is located fifty miles East of San Diego, CA. Off of Highway 94. The Departure time of 9:00 A.M. will allow us time to get to our first camp in time to relax and get to see some local sights and hot springs. This adventure is a slow and relaxing adventure as we take it slow and have time to explore the sights.

This is a true camping adventure into the real outback of Baja California. You will have to be fully self contained with all of our fuel, camping gear, food and drinking water.

Just south of the border is some of the most exciting terrain filled with hidden treasures. This four day trip is one where if you forgot to bring it with you are out of luck. We will have to camp out each night as there are no hotels for many miles.

We get to see Palomar Canyon with its thousands of palm trees and its hot water spring. We will have to see what wild life can come out of the desert to take advantage of the springs and creek. In Isabel Canyon we will see the Governors Hunting camp. We will spend one night in a somewhat developed camp in Canyon De Guadalupe with the Hot springs. Camp sights with restrooms, tables and with our own hot spring pool in each camp site.

The Mountains with their colors, the skies with their uncountable number of stars and the unusual desert plants and animals, barren dry flat lake bed. The terrain is sandy to rocky and every thing between. This is remote and very beautiful land. The trip is less than 500 miles round trip from Tecate. We will explore the beautiful desert canyons in the Sierra de Juarez Mts. We will be able to explore the desert and the many treasures just waiting to be discovered. Note; your fuel mileage will drop by 25% in the dirt and sand.

Special Equipment; 10 Extra Gallons of gas, Tow Strap, C.B.Radio, Good spare tire, Camping Gear, Food and drinks for four days, Camera and film, and a through check of your check list of camping and off-highway gear.

Buy Mexican Insurance for your vehicle to prevent any problems if you were to be in a fender bender. This can be You can get this ahead of time at

This is our planned itinerary and is subject to change do to; weather or any unforeseen conditions. Western Adventures hopes that this will be one adventure you will always cherish. I hope to see you on a adventure real soon.


Thank you,

Western Adventures

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