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Monday, 28 January 2008 00:36

Rocking Hole in the Rock

Travel the most interesting section of the Historic Mormon Trail.

3 Day trip. Rated 4

This adventure leaves from the town of Blanding, UT. The South end of town at Shirt Tail Junction. The gas station at U.S. Hwy.. 191 and State Hwy.. 95. Departs at 10:00 A.M. towards the West and Halls Crossing. We will be on parts of the trail on the highway or next to it over the Clayhills Crossing. We will get our gas tanks filled at the Airport as this is the start of the Off-Highway trip.

After lowering our tire pressure to a comfortable pressure we start out to our First nights camp. We will be stopping at some Indian Ruins along the way. We get to experience what took the Settlers months to do in a couple of days. We should arrive at camp early enough to have a nice relaxing Campfire and Pot Luck Dinner. Of course all campfires require stories and a little history session. The next day brings a 9:00 A.M. departure, we will camp in the same sight for our Second nights camp. This saves a lot of packing and unpacking. The trip from camp to the end of the trail is only 15 miles but it will take us until noon to get there. We have the "Chute" and numerous other challenges to tackle along the way. After we cross Gray Mesa (the race track as it seems) we see the trail in a different light. We see the hand carved trail cut into the rock that the pioneers built. We will return to camp with a new understanding and respect for pioneers had with settling the West.

Our return to camp and the tails of the day sharing around the campfire. This calls for another camp our own "Mulligan Stew" we will each put in something into the pot and heat until it is cooked. It is also a good idea to have a side dish. What better way to spend an evening with friends and the rest of the stories left over from the night before.

This trip is not for everyone, it requires better then average driving skills and equipment. We will be required to camp out for two nights in a row. The trip is an "attention getter" as there are some steep hills to climb and ledges we have to cross. We will be taking it slow and careful to make this trip enjoyable for all.

Special Equipment; Tow Strap, C.B. Radio, Come-a-long, or Winch, Extra warm and rain clothes, Binoculars, Camera and film, Camping gear and food for the three days.

This is our planned itinerary and is always subject to change do to, weather or any other unforeseen conditions. Western Adventures hopes that this will be one adventure that you will remember and cherish. I am looking forward to seeing you on this adventure very soon!


Thank You,

Western Adventures

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