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Monday, 28 January 2008 00:31

Death Valley South / Panamints Mts.

4 days with 3 nights of camping in the Historic Mts. and Valleys. Rated as 3

This adventure will leave from the town of Trona, CA. Trona is on Hwy 178 about 20 mi. North-East of Ridgecrest. We will meet at the Trona Airport parking lot, departing at 8:30 AM. All fueled up we will head to the historic town of Ballarat for some of it's color. From here we will start some of our exploring the canyons of the Panamint Mts. The Panamint Mt. Range is the Western boundary of the park in this area. This is some very beautiful and scenic areas around.

You will travel to some higher country up to some scenic overlooks to the Valleys and the southern end of Death Valley. We will travel through many Washes, and passes Pass. We will be passing more mines and mining camps all the way to the valley floor.
We will have a quiet remote camp for this second night where the stares come out to watch over us. The short section of pavement will take us to the many mining areas with their treasures left behind to see and explore. The third night will be at another remote location where the quiet will amaze you. Our final stop will be at the famous Dumont Dunes to try our hand at some sand driving. From the sand dunes it is about 35 miles to Baker, CA for gas.

Things to watch-out for on this trip; Wild Donkeys, Coyotes, possible snakes, Big Horn Sheep, Unique rock formations, Mine shafts and old dilapidated buildings.

This is very remote and the stores are far away. Be sure to check your "check list" before you leave to prevent being without. This is a long trip between gas stations and depending on your vehicle you should carry and extra 10 gallons of gas. You should figure about 75% of your normal range on gas. Total distance from Trona to Baker is about 250 miles. The same goes for water, plan on 1½ to 2 Gallons of water a day per person to drink and extra for washing.

This is a nice trip that the whole family can enjoy together. With this trip we hope to get you exposed to off-highway exploring and camping. The terrain is easy to moderate depending on the weather.

We will be leaving early in the morning and I would recommend staying in Trona or Ridge crest the night before.

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