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Monday, 28 January 2008 00:29

Borrego Badlands Bash

A unique area with exciting 4-wheeling as we camp under the stars. (Motel is available - not included in cost of adventure). This is some of the most interesting desert in the southwest, Bending rocks, bobbling mud pots and colorful vistas.

We will meet at Ocotillo, located off Interstate 8 approximately 80 miles East of San Diego. Take the S-2 Exit for Ocotillo and we meet at the Closed Desert Kitchen Restaurant south side of the freeway next to the gas station. We will depart at 9:00 AM sharp, as we have much to see and do.

Day one we will start with a stop at a fantastic view site to get ready for our adventure to the canyons

We will visit the Old Butterfield Stage Station before we head over to the mud caves (you will want your flashlights handy for this stop). We will once again have a splendid stop with a nice view as we get ready to go over the "Drop-Off" and into some tight canyons. We will have some side trips to the wind caves and the oyster shell beds. You will be able to see the bent rocks of the split mountain and Elephant trees. We will head to our camp and get settled in for the night.

Day two we are off at 9:00 AM for more exciting adventures. We will meet at "My Desert Rose Café" in Ocotillo Wells (where we will top off with gas). We will challenge the sand washes as we head to a desert spring and artesian well. You will get to see the unusual bubbling mud pots of the Badlands. We will challenge the Badlands as we cross this arid land to the Pumpkin Patch. We will next visit the Truckhaven Hills. You will visit some palms growing in the harsh climate and get to challenge your skills in these exciting hills.

This is planned as a camping trip but you can make arrangements to stay in a motel if you like. This is a good opportunity to try out the fun of group camping (the story telling and such).

This is a good trip for the whole family. The trip price is per vehicle and no accommodations or meals are included in the trip.

Special Equipment:
C.B. Radio, Cameras, Binoculars, Food, Camping Gear (Remember to use the Check List). Food for 2 Lunches , 1 Breakfast, and 1 Dinner, plus any snacks and drinks. Bring plenty of extra water.

This is our planned itinerary and is always subject to change do to; Weather, or any unforeseen conditions. Western Adventures hopes this will be one adventure you will always cherish. I hope to see you on another one of our trips real soon!

Thank You,

Western Adventures

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